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July 2013

Daily Dose


My bestie’s birthday was yesterday. Even though we’re far apart, she means the world to me. We’ve been there for each other, through ups and downs, great laughs and awful cries. She’s the reason I blog and the all-natural jam…

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Daily Dose


Unfortunately, I cannot declare a winner for the Zumba-Fitness challenge. There were many questions and such high interest, but no one followed the entry rules. Since it would be unfair of me to give it away to a reader, I’m…

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Zumba Mayhem!

There’s one week left for the “Fit-for-Free” contest, guys and gals! What’s up for grabs? – A Full Zumba DVD set, a pair of 1lb weights, and some nummly baked goods! totes healthy, of course – but still yummy! The…

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