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January 2015


PhDs – A Bishop Arts Brunch

  Let me start by saying this place has $2 MIMOSAS!!!!! Holy crepes, right? PhDs is a quaint little pub in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas. 1300 West Davis Street, Dallas, TX 75208 There are some amazing eateries around here, and I think I found a new fave! The service was pretty great, except when they brought our check. We waited on it for about 20 minutes. No big…

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Pinterest in the Kitchen

Last week I decided to delve into the sumptuous world of white wine creme sauces and angel hair pasta. I’d seen a pin several weeks earlier and jumped at the idea of making diver scallops. Yum, right? It was finals week on campus, meaning my teacher-self was off at 4pm, instead of 7:30pm. Oh, what glorious times they were! I used my short burst of freedom to mosey into Central…

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