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December 2017

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Bookstore Proposal

This year, the Beau & I celebrated our 10th anniversary! 10 years, y’all. There’s a ton of dance-offs, snort-laughs, and late night star-gazing wrapped up in that decade. This amazing man, who I was pretty sure I had pegged (and knew full-well he couldn’t keep a secret), managed to catch me by surprise. As a law student, you know surprise anything (unless it’s wine and dark chocolate cake) rarely ends well. My calendar was…

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Daily Dose, Law School


This past weekend, I took an opportunity to run far from my notes, quizzes, and exam prep materials – three days before finals were set to begin. My best friend asked if I had a mental death wish. Truthfully, I snagged a great deal on airline tickets, and managed to fly from Dallas > Boston roundtrip for $22. I used a few of my airline points from previous flights with Southwest,…

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