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March 2018

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Whistle Britches

A friend of mine sent me this text a few weeks ago: Dude. Dude. Duuuuuude. I was willing to die for that meal. If there had been a 3rd biscuit, I would have eaten it and it would have killed me and I would have died happy.   Now, I should tell you – my friends know how much IĀ lurrrrveeeeĀ brunch. They rarely send foodie finds unless they’re 100% confident that…

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Daily Dose

Managing Your Debt

My parents couldn’t afford to pay for my college education. It’s that simple. There’s no whining or complaining here. Just straight facts. I wanted to attend college so I could afford luxuries I just didn’t have as a kid. Every teacher I ever interacted with said some variation of “Get good grades. Go to college. You’ll get a great job.” BULLSHIT. Not all degrees will land you a well-paying job….

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