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May 2018

Daily Dose, Law School

Finals Week: Brain Dumps & Caffeine Sprees

This semester was a beast. I don’t think I’ve worked harder thanĀ in this second semester of my 2L year. Does everyone else feel this way? This semester consisted of more coffee runs, more reading, and lots of mini panic attacks….

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Daily Dose, Law School

Patent Bar Woes

The Texas Bar exam is three days’ worth of terror. Pure, unadulterated, law knowledge. It’s an amalgam of everything you learned in law school and (it seems like) a lot of what you didn’t. Let’s be honest, our law profs…

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Imperial Cuisine

  You all know how much I love to meal prep. It’s a specific type of relaxing chaos that I genuinely enjoy. I like shopping for groceries, having conversations with the fantastic Butchers at Central Market, and discussing meal options…

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