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Hi! I’m Sarah – an accidental (but sort-of-real-life) “chef” on a law clerk budget; avid bookworm, science-nerd and newly re-vamped long-distance runner.

I love all things green, anything to do with snowflakes, and dark chocolate — drizzled over just about anything. I’m trying to bounce back from the freshman 30 that never seemed to let go of my hips [insert gooey, chocolate-riddled scrumptious excuse, here] and balance my fit life with the foodie life. And now – the lawyer life!

I’m a young professional, former educator, and recent law graduate from UNT Dallas College of Law. I was the President of the Sports & Entertainment Law Association, Chief Reporter for Accessible Law, and actively participated in our campus’ Innocence Clinic.

Armed with one hell of an education, an iced macchiato, and a positive attitude — I’m ready to take on anything. I hope you enjoy this blog’s advice and that you learn how to look at life in the best light. <3

Much love,



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