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Spring Semester Goals

It’s really odd to think about being half-way done with law school. Time flies when you’re drowning in enjoying case law, I guess. Despite the law school struggles, I am incredibly thankful for making it thus far. There’s a helluvalot of…

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Daily Dose, Law School

Law School F-Up

Today kind of sucked. Mostly because the textbook market failed me. Supply/Demand curves, yo. I needed a ConLaw book for a class, specifically – the 5th edition. Since I don’t have a million dollars, I pay for my schooling (including books)…

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Law School

First Day Back!

Three semesters down, baby! It feels soooo good. I know it sounds crazy, but I really look forward to coming back to class. Law school is one of my happiest places. I’ve spoken to you about how hard classes are,…

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