Dealing with Your Support System in Law School

My grandmother didn’t appreciate my answer when she asked what I would be giving up for Lent.

My social life.”

I’m pretty sure she was thinking:


The sunburn I got from her glare was almost enough to shrink a bit. Maybe before law school I would have. Maybe. 

By this point in the semester, you’d think I was comfortable with learning to ignore family and friends in order to make the grade. Constantly running away from family functions, friend hangouts, and bookstores is the worst bit of law school. Before law school, I hosted friends at our home nearly every weekend. The beau and I enjoyed galavanting around the city, trying new restaurants and exploring Dallas every chance we got.

A few weeks into my 1L however, those experiences faded away. I knew it would happen, my professors said it would happen, but I had no idea how angry my support system would get. Truthfully, I thought they would understand . 

It should come as no surprise that being ignored feels bad. Funnily enough, most law students (including myself) don’t realize that our reading for class makes you feel ignored. The fact is – for me, at least – I am doing everything I can to keep my own life in balance.

This week alone is jam-packed with assignments, work, presentations, and a butt-load of reading for class. Now, with the few minutes of free time I was enjoying, I will be working out in order to win my FIT BET. [It’s a competition…so, I plan to crush it!]

But some of my favorite people in the world feel ignored. What can I do?

Not a damn thing.

“This is your time to be selfish.” – UNTDCOL Professor said this to my class during Fundamentals week. It sounds harsh, I know, but those words are what I cling to when someone tries to guilt-trip me into going out for a drink or just lunch

When your friends and family ask you why you’re “ignoring them” please feel free to say this:

I wish I could be more lax sometimes, but the reality is that I am working toward earning a degree and I need to bust my butt to earn the grades to accomplish my dream of becoming an attorney.
It’s my job to excel in class and work (clerkship + internship this semester). This is
my career. Which begs the question – do I sidetrack you in your career?
I don’t think so. But maybe I should drop by your house unexpectedly, or call and yell at you for forgetting to send you a birthday card,  or invite you to dinner and then text you ten minutes before the meal to say I can’t make it. 

[The advice I have for my wonderful family and friends is] – learn to deal with me not being around all the time. I miss you too. I miss being able to just jump in your car and head out on an adventure. I miss impromptu travel plans, late nights laughing and early work days. I miss movie nights and wine nights. I miss it all. I miss you. 

But right now it’s about me. Not you. I have goals and dreams and hopes for my career. Right now I need you to be strong, for me, because sometimes my want to push an assignment aside outweighs my want to actually complete it. Sometimes, I find myself wondering if law school is worth the struggle. And if you find me in a weak moment, I need your help to drag me back to my desk and tell me to get to work. 

I need your support, but if you feel like my attending law school is too much for you to handle – then maybe this is where our paths diverge. I plan on becoming an attorney and I wish you all the best. 

mic drop


Succeeding in law school is all about balancing your life. Do what makes you happy, but make sure not to let anyone mess with that happiness.


Such a Pretty Fat: 1L Version


I’m channeling Jen Lancaster here. Because I’m such a fan…and I think she gets me.
Fo’ real.
Weighing in at 174ish and trying to be healthier is tough. The things I like to eat are actually pretty healthy, like broccoli and pasta and chicken…but then I add butter and make a white wine sauce and the entire meal is delicious now like 1000 calories per serving. Which, I’m told, is not entirely good for me either. Life can’t be perfect, right?


Well, what if getting into shape didn’t have to be so damn hard? Or, at least, could be fun?
As a law student, you should just assume I’m competitive. You’d sure as hell be right, too! So you can only imagine how giddy I got when my Aunt bet money that she could lose more weight than I could in the next month. Challenge. Accepted. 

I decided to kick off Spring with a DIET BET! It’s a weight loss challenge where the winner gets some monies. Losers are hopefully not as fluffy as before.
This is going to be a great painful way to engage my muscles because, let me be clear, if studying made me ripped – I’d have rock hard abs by now. Alas, briefing cases only makes me smarter. Annnnd, since I haven’t gone to the gym more than 5 times this year, I’m basically a lumpy meat package.


My hope is that the $20,000+ pot (seriously, it’s a huge sum of money) will be part mine by the end of 28 days. I just have to lose 4% (or roughly 7 lbs) of my body weight in 28 days. Don’t you dare doubt me just yet. I can totally do this. It will be interesting to see how following an actual diet (consuming roughly 1300 calories per day), limiting my sugar and coffee intake, and working out will affect my performance in law school. This may be the worst funniest idea I have all year…



Starbucks Saturday!

Coffee plays quite a [venti] role in my life. My morning routine includes at least one cup every morning…depending on which class I have first, if I’m being real honest. I grew up in a household kick-started by a little cafecito, which means even a whiff of good java makes my day happier.


This morning was a particularly great start. I crossed off several action items and snuck some good study time in before the beau and our two pups woke up. The three of them tend to sleep in which – with me in the house – doesn’t tend to happen often.
What can I say? I’m a bit of an early riser and I can be reaaaaally annoying. Or, so I’m told.

To kick-off a great day of studying and meal prep – I am giving away a $20 Starbucks gift card! WOO! 

Make sure you post your picture by 11:59pm CST on Sunday, March 19th! (Of this year [2017], in case you thought you’d try to out-lawyer me).

The Rules:
1. Using Twitter or Facebook, tag @cerebellumchefAND
2. Post a picture of either your (Study Space) or (one of your latest meals)

I’ll select ONE winner at random and DM you the gift card!
Simple as that! 



Sometimes my study is neat and orderly, other times it’s as if my hair is on fire. That’s just the life of a #1L student. ❤ I’m sure you’re used to it by now.

Happy Studying!

Much love,