Lunch @ Sushi de Handroll

The hand rolls I previously experienced were conical in shape. I did a bit of research and found that seems to be the case worldwide. Unlike traditional sushi rolls, which are stuffed and then rolled into cylindrical shapes before cutting into bite-sized rounds, these handrolls are stuffed and rolled into a cone shape; perfect as an on-the-go meal. Last week, the Beau and I went out to lunch. He rarely…

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Stress Baking

I’ve been away from blogging for a while. But you’re in for a treat. I wrote this piece for our law school’s library blog. The Best Damn Cookie Recipe Check it out! I hope you whip up a great batch of scrumptious cookies!    

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Law School FAQs

A few months back, I met Briony. She’s a fellow law student from the UK. I love that she enjoys my recipes and advice, but – even more – she shares the same law school struggle and writes about it, too! I find it increasingly harder to come across female law bloggers, and am thrilled to have met Briony. We opted to collaborate on this blog post and decided to share…

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Finals Week: Brain Dumps & Caffeine Sprees

This semester was a beast. I don’t think I’ve worked harder than in this second semester of my 2L year. Does everyone else feel this way? This semester consisted of more coffee runs, more reading, and lots of mini panic attacks. So much effort went into this semester and, quite frankly, it terrifies me that a final can derail all that hard work. We have no clue what the essay questions…

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