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Law School Eats: Calabacitas

I started the semester with a crazy-need to organize everything. My meals were out of whack, and you know how muchI prefer organization over chaos. That said, I decided to meal prep for an entire week! I thought it would…

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Pinterest in the Kitchen

Last week I decided to delve into the sumptuous world of white wine creme sauces and angel hair pasta. I’d seen a pin several weeks earlier and jumped at the idea of making diver scallops. Yum, right? It was finals…

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Chiles Rellenos: Burning Down the House

Chile – you may know it as a country or the little devil peppers that intimidate tomatoes in a mean salsa. Last week, the beau happened across a coworker eating Chiles Rellenos, stuffed peppers, and decided I must make them…

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Southwest Tacos & Salty Apologies

I know! I’ve been away for a few weeks. I’m so very sorry, my fellow foodies! Life got super hectic! Finals for my students, weekend trips, planning for conferences, planning for graduate school, quality time with my broskis. No worries,…

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My O-Face

C’mon ya’ll – let’s talk about the “O-Face.” I’m talking about the little mouth “o” I get when finishing the last few feet on a five-mile run; the crumbles of a decadent three-layer chocolate cake on my lips; biting into…

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