Lunch @ Sushi de Handroll

The hand rolls I previously experienced were conical in shape. I did a bit of research and found that seems to be the case worldwide. Unlike traditional sushi rolls, which are stuffed and then rolled into cylindrical shapes before cutting…

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Breakfast Prep!

Rolling out of bed and getting the day started is not as fun when the Texas weather refuses to pick a season. This past week brought temperatures ranging from 28 degrees to 70 degrees. With classes in full swing, the…

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Law School Eats: Calabacitas

I started the semester with a crazy-need to organize everything. My meals were out of whack, and you know how muchI prefer organization over chaos. That said, I decided to meal prep for an entire week! I thought it would…

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Meal-Prep Monday

Today was such a great day! Hellaciously long – but great! I made my day much easier by packing my breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner (that’s right – freaking dinner) before leaving for class this morning. Mondays are my long days. 14 hours…

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