CBD Provisions

I was informed that Pimento Cheese is a Texas tradition. As a life-long Texan, this was news to me. A friend of mine wanted to meet for lunch at CBD Provisions, because she loves their food. I was thrilled to be close enough to snatch some coffee from Weekend. #Sold I reserved a table for 12pm, via OpenTable and met a few friends there for lunch. Overall, I’m not as big a fan of CBD…

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Daily Dose, Reviews

Mesero – Dallas

The Beau and I brunched at Mesero on Sunday. We took the pups, which was a riot – because getting to the patio (with a blocked entrance…fire hazards be damned) was challenging. Our original plan was to eat at a pet-friendly restaurant (which is a short list in Dallas proper). Now, I’d eaten at Mesero before and was not super thrilled to go back. However, we were now trapped by cars…

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Splurging Is Good for the Soul

The beau’s brother introduced me to SOYLENT 2.0. We ordered 12 bottles of Nectar flavor. It tastes like fruity pebbles milk, or a melted strawberry milk shake. I didn’t think it was all bad, but it certainly is a different taste. The aftertaste is great, which is nice – because meal replacement shakes (in my experience) aren’t always so kind to my tastebuds. Skeptical though I was, I gave this nutrient-rich,…

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Daily Dose, Law School

Fierce & Fabulous!

Our Law School awarded us Spring Break last week, after a series of midterms. We were in bad need of some time off. My brain needed the break. I was dreaming about studying and forgetting (in the dream) to bring my pencil [for an electronic exam], which resulted in major waterworks and a few mini-panic attacks…all while sleeping! Sure, it sounds far-fetched, but law school is a tough nut to crack and…

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