Life Balance

Law School

Law School Madness

Learning to find your balance is a struggle, made only more difficult by attempting to reach your happy place, while putting your mind through grueling law school courses. You may find yourself asking “how does everyone make it look so easy?” The best answer I can give you is this – they’re great actors. Let’s be clear – law school is a drama-filled think tank with the best and brightest…

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Splurging Is Good for the Soul

The beau’s brother introduced me to SOYLENT 2.0. We ordered 12 bottles of Nectar flavor. It tastes like fruity pebbles milk, or a melted strawberry milk shake. I didn’t think it was all bad, but it certainly is a different taste. The aftertaste is great, which is nice – because meal replacement shakes (in my experience) aren’t always so kind to my tastebuds. Skeptical though I was, I gave this nutrient-rich,…

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