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You’re a broke student.


Law school (higher education, in general) racks up some incredible bills. I want to make a lucky student’s semester a bit easier, by providing a great backpack! If you win, then this item is one less thing to worry about buying!

Check It Out!

I purchased myself this Kuakko backpack style, in Navy. I luuuurve it. It’s professional enough for class, and last-minute networking events. Surprisingly, it holds quite an impressive number of law school accoutrements (not too unlike a *magical* bag of holding…)

All you’ve got to do is click the link below, and follow the instructions!


ENTER For Your Chance to Win!



Happy Dance!

Good luck, amigos!

Law School

First Day Jitters

Orientation week (or, Fundamentals Week on our campus) is nearly over. If you were lucky, orientation lasted one day. However, many law schools cram 6 days of information into 2 days of real-time. Our campus demands a whopping 40 hours! It’s grueling,…

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Advice from 2Ls

  I want to tell you all the secrets. Law school will create moments in your daily life where your soul is crushed. Everything may suck, and you’ll remember this advice (which you skimmed, but really should have read in great detail. Here’s…

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Law School

Law School Necessities

Prepping for classes is one of my absolute fave activities, in the history of – well – ever. When I was teaching, I had even more fun shopping for school supplies because I got to buy loads of stuff! Filling up a basket…

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Daily Dose

Law Library Job!


Our staff has room for more awesomeness!
Working in the law library is a great way to EARN while you LEARN! 
This position’s fall 2017 work schedule will be Tuesdays and Wednesdays 7:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m. The approximate start date is August 29, 2017
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Joining Clubs in Law School

  Law school is three years of your life. Time will both speed by you and also draaaaaag on (especially when you’re in that 2pm CivPro class, and the tryptophan from your turkey sandwich hits you). The funny thing about…

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Dean’s List Advice

  As a 2L, I feel it’s my duty to give you advice I wish I’d known through 1L. Your first year in law school is going to be hectic, and everyone will experience the learning curve. But, I’m here…

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Prepping for Your 1L Year

  Right now it doesn’t feel real. It hasn’t sunk in that in just about a month, you will begin your first year as a law student. By now you’ve received your information on orientation or Fundamentals week, and you likely…

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Advice, Law School

Working with Sharks

  You just spent an entire year drilling legal theories, concepts, terminology, and cases into your gloriously gyrificated brain. You’ve studied for several years to get to this moment — accepting an unpaid internship. Make no mistake about it, working…

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