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What Happens When You Fail The Bar Exam

Failing the Bar exam is just as terrible as everyone made it sound. So, if you’re not a member of the #oneanddone crowd, this post is definitely for you.

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Burn Out & Failure: Risking it All in Law School

A little bit of venting and a whole lot of loving – one girl’s mental health experience in law school.

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My Brain in Law School

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of self-care and whole lot of breadsticks. You’re not the only one who feels that way. #LawSchoolFeels

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Preparing for your 1L Year

Applying to Law School? Here’s how to get through Applications, Financial Aid confusions, & Final Exams.
@AnneCreasap #BookReview #LawSchoolFAQ

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Closing Deals In Heels

This past week was a combination of brutal + exhilarating. [The best times are a bit of both, wouldn’t you say?] On top of classwork, extra-curricular activities, and working in the law library, I also drove to Austin to participate…

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First Day Back!

Three semesters down, baby! It feels soooo good. I know it sounds crazy, but I really look forward to coming back to class. Law school is one of my happiest places. I’ve spoken to you about how hard classes are,…

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Book Briefs

Let me be totally frank, I know that you feel case briefing sucks the big one. It’s time-consuming, frustrating to type or write out, and you wish you could be doing anything else. Right? Well, I hate to break it to ya, but briefing…

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Free Swag

You’re a broke student.


Law school (higher education, in general) racks up some incredible bills. I want to make a lucky student’s semester a bit easier, by providing a great backpack! If you win, then this item is one less thing to worry about buying!

Check It Out!

I purchased myself this Kuakko backpack style, in Navy. I luuuurve it. It’s professional enough for class, and last-minute networking events. Surprisingly, it holds quite an impressive number of law school accoutrements (not too unlike a *magical* bag of holding…)

All you’ve got to do is click the link below, and follow the instructions!


ENTER For Your Chance to Win!



Happy Dance!

Good luck, amigos!

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Law School Madness

Learning to find your balance is a struggle, made only more difficult by attempting to reach your happy place, while putting your mind through grueling law school courses. You may find yourself asking “how does everyone make it look so…

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