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Free Swag

You’re a broke student.


Law school (higher education, in general) racks up some incredible bills. I want to make a lucky student’s semester a bit easier, by providing a great backpack! If you win, then this item is one less thing to worry about buying!

Check It Out!

I purchased myself this Kuakko backpack style, in Navy. I luuuurve it. It’s professional enough for class, and last-minute networking events. Surprisingly, it holds quite an impressive number of law school accoutrements (not too unlike a *magical* bag of holding…)

All you’ve got to do is click the link below, and follow the instructions!


ENTER For Your Chance to Win!



Happy Dance!

Good luck, amigos!

Freebies, Law School

Starbucks Saturday!

Coffee plays quite a [venti] role in my life. My morning routine includes at least one cup every morning…depending on which class I have first, if I’m being real honest. I grew up in a household kick-started by a little cafecito, which means even a whiff of good java makes my day happier. This morning was a particularly great start. I crossed off several action items and snuck some good study time in before…

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My O-Face

C’mon ya’ll – let’s talk about the “O-Face.” I’m talking about the little mouth “o” I get when finishing the last few feet on a five-mile run; the crumbles of a decadent three-layer chocolate cake on my lips; biting into cold watermelon slices [dusted with salt] on a hot summer day. My “O” balances on the “ooh” and “yum.” Shouldn’t everyone’s? When I make food, be it sweet or savory…

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Zumba Mayhem!

There’s one week left for the “Fit-for-Free” contest, guys and gals! What’s up for grabs? – A Full Zumba DVD set, a pair of 1lb weights, and some nummly baked goods! totes healthy, of course – but still yummy! The rules? – Follow my blog (Trust me, you’ll love having me on hand to help out in your kitchen or with those love handles) – Mention the contest in one…

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