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Daily Dose

Bikini Waxing

Today I’ve eaten more Thai food than I care to admit. My new workout plan is about to get Dixie Chick serious. Fo’ Real, yo! A bestie and I decided to have our eyebrows waxed…isn’t this the way all good…

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Why I’m Fluffy: An Excuse for the BMW (Big Mexican Woman)

Over the past few weeks I’ve had to explain several Hispanic traditions to many non-Hispanic friends. Realizing Hispanics celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving much like the stereotypical “American” family, well – it baffles the heck out of them. Sure, we throw…

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Daily Dose

The Cooch Pooch

Here’s a funny thing about weight loss – you, quite literally, shed inches in places you didn’t even know could gain them. Enter – the cooch pooch. [our friends at urban dictionary have some differing ideas on what this means]…

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Zumba Mayhem!

There’s one week left for the “Fit-for-Free” contest, guys and gals! What’s up for grabs? – A Full Zumba DVD set, a pair of 1lb weights, and some nummly baked goods! totes healthy, of course – but still yummy! The…

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