There’s one week left for the “Fit-for-Free” contest, guys and gals!

What’s up for grabs?
– A Full Zumba DVD set, a pair of 1lb weights, and some nummly baked goods! totes healthy, of course – but still yummy!
The rules?
– Follow my blog (Trust me, you’ll love having me on hand to help out in your kitchen or with those love handles)
– Mention the contest in one of your posts (Facebook or Twitter)
– Tag @cerebellumchef or send an email to so I can see you spreading my bloggy-love!

Now, my fitfoodies, POST! POST! POST! So you can WIN! WIN! WIN!
I’ll post the name of the winner next Friday, July 26th!

I’ve gotten caught up with my Summer 2 session, but will be posting a lengthy bit of awesome-gravy for you peeps tomorrow night. Seriously, the pallet garden is gorge! Also, I’ve begun to dabble in a few more healthy recipes, including some naughty protein energy bars that are much more like cookies. drooooool-worthy
More on all the newest musings tomorrow. Promise, promise, promise!

Oh! Something great to leave ya with?
This fitchick is 20lbs lighter! As in, my “oh, I’ll leave that in my closet until my chunky ass can waddle itself in there without the use of butter-substitute to slide me in” clothes…yeah, they fit! I’ve got 30-35 lbs to go. Good-bye enlarged adipocytes!

How is your fit-journey going?
What healthy styles having you immersed yourself in lately?

Sleep well and dream of zero-calorie cupcakes!

Love, CC