My lovely-sexy-beasts!

I’ve been horrible to you. I got caught up in my own adventure with school (busted my [toning quite nicely] derriere for that A), work (to earn moolah for my new climbing habit), climbing (yeah, the beau and I are somewhat fit-addicts to this new sport) and cooking (what? No baking? That’s right…it’s been a weird month).

All that aside….I’m BACK!
With some fun news –
As an apology and a fun experience, I am giving away a ZUMBA dvd set! All you’ve got to do is SUBSCRIBE to + Tweet (you have to tag me @CerebellumChef) about the contest! Say something (awesome or fitspirational please, no need for poopy behavior) about the FREE contest and let your friends know how to join. I’ll pick a random fan to win the goods. Who knows, maybe you’ll get an extra goodie or two!

I’ll be sure to post a follow-up tonight, blabbing alllll about the nummy recipes we’ve tried recently, the pallet garden (our plant babies are so presh!) and I’ll add the climbing pics from our visit with the mini-munchkin cousins (sadly, I’m the shortest in the bunch).

Much Love!