Here’s a funny thing about weight loss – you, quite literally, shed inches in places you didn’t even know could gain them.
Enter – the cooch pooch. [our friends at urban dictionary have some differing ideas on what this means]



What kind of pooch?

Ladies…check yourselves. You’ve got one. Trust. Guys, well – I have no idea. someone check, then tell me.

One of my besties brought up her cooch pooch [not the bestie photo’d above, btw] and hilarity ensued.

How exactly does one gain weight there?
Is it bad for it to go away?

Let me tell you this:

1. We gain weight everywhere, our arms – feet – thighs – cooch too, when we eat too much, stress too much and obvi, don’t exercise enough. It’s unfortunate, but hey – we can cure this!
2. Of course not. I mean…we’re not shooting for dangerously low weight here; we aim to be fit. Losing some of the pooch is a good thing. Storing copious amounts of cortisol is not a good thing, so losing some of this fat is good for your body. That and…stop stressing, yo!

How to do this?


Did you expect anything less? This is CerebellumChef, queen of all things yummy and 5 mile runs. Come on! Exercise works for losing weight and cutting that stress level. Don’t believe moi? TRY IT!
Now, let me ask you – what are you doing to keep that pooch in check?

One of the besties and I have been rock climbing lately, plus running [since I’m a total sweat junkie]. She hates to run outside, so we’ve met in the middle and pump up the beat in our gym…at least until FALL weather hits good ol’ TEXAS! Few things compare to endorphin highs on runs outside when the leaves are crunchy and all-shades of pumpkiny goodness – all while the 70-degree winds blow your ponytail around in a hot sexy-fit mess.

Totes gorge!


Or, maybe my delusional running state really looks more like this…
[Copyright – The Muppets]

On top of workouts, the beau has me slaving away concocting nummy foodles in our wondermous kitchen! We’ve lost three lbs. this week and are MEGA-proud of our shrinking arses.

I want to see your progress!

Here’s ours:

Beau – 28 lbs down
Me – 23 lbs down

Pretty great, huh?

How is your sexy-healthy-fit journey going?
Message me!

    Sweat some!

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