What do you think about the new logo?

What do you think about the new logo?

Over the past few weeks I’ve had to explain several Hispanic traditions to many non-Hispanic friends. Realizing Hispanics celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving much like the stereotypical “American” family, well – it baffles the heck out of them. Sure, we throw in tamales, barbacoa, bunuelos, calabaza con pollo and enchiladas between the turkey, ham and green bean casserole…but who’s judging? We like our options. Unfortunately, let’s face it, heftiness and bovine qualities are a serious issue in America; even worse in the Latin-American families. The statistics are shocking and we all blame one thing – genetics.
To be fair, genetics does bring a lot to the table, but it is possible to work your derriere off and shed those unruly pounds. Yes…even the last 10 from that incredibly denigrating tummy pooch that you hate oh-so-much.

What? don;t believe me?

Let me guess – the idea of saying “NO” to another taco, more barbacoa or that last slice of pastel… is outrageous?
I mean, how dare you!? Right?


She doesn’t want more comida? Ay no! Que trajedia!


You tell that sweet-peddling, delicious pastry-baking, guilt-tripping family member to get to steppin’!
If you’re constantly trying to eat, just to make sure your comadre, Tia, or Suegra doesn’t get offended, then you’ve resolved to be a fata**.

Definitely not sorry for slapping you with this bit of harsh reality.

[Which reminds me, much love for OM. He’s awesome and always makes me laugh. ]

Seriously, go visit The Opinionated Man.

Confidence is one thing, but please – wear clothes that fit. Not those that make you look like a snausage. Eww.
Seriously, go visit The Opinionated Man.

Honestly, it’s no wonder why we set weight-loss goals for the new year when we gorge ourselves to close off the previous one. Again, gluttonous much?


Ignore the flying spoon…someone was dessert induced and forgot we needed to snap this picture!


Sushi @ Kumori

You and I, we are foodies.
When you eat like we do, you can’t blame genetics – but you can bet that extra doughnut you’ll gain a pound every week if you eat lard and think you won’t gain an ounce.

Remember "chew like you have a secret!"

Remember “chew like you have a secret!”

Stop making excuses.
I have none, nor should you!
This fitchick loves to eat! No shame in that.
But we need to relish the flavors of yummly foodles and then make sure to keep balanced by working out.

What NYEs did you make this year? How’s your progress going?

Much love,