C’mon ya’ll – let’s talk about the “O-Face.”


Tsk. Tsk. I’m not going to show it to you! I’m a lady!

I’m talking about the little mouth “o” I get when finishing the last few feet on a five-mile run; the crumbles of a decadent three-layer chocolate cake on my lips; biting into cold watermelon slices [dusted with salt] on a hot summer day.
My “O” balances on the “ooh” and “yum.”

Shouldn’t everyone’s?


Yes, JLaw. Yes!

When I make food, be it sweet or savory – I live for the moment when I get to witness someone’s “O!” If they don’t get there, then I failed.
Being the foodie I am, it’s not just about slapping a few ingredients together, but making a meal and evoking a deep-down, holy balls this is delicious! reaction from the foodie-fan I happen to serve. This is a talent that I’m seeking to harness and have made a personal goal to capture 100 “O” faces this year.
That’s 100 faces, divided by 8 months. Roughly 12.5 faces per month.


Don’t think I can do it? Watch me.

S**t just got real, folks.
Who’s in?

Send your email address to cerebellumchef[at]gmail.com
I’ll send you a recipe.
Once you’ve devoured the scrumptious dish you’ve rocked out – Send me your “O” face!


Copyright, When Harry met Sally

We are on our way to being healthier, sexier and fabulously fit.
This in no way means we have to give up butter, chocolate or fancy pink drinks with the teeny umbrella – but we do have to appreciate moderation.

Now let me see that “O!”

Much love,