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The past two months have been incredibly difficult. Graduate school, teaching high school, relationship issues, and not working out. What? No wonder your life feels like it’s falling apart, girl! So here I am, eating a cupcake – writing to…

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Oorah, Boys! – A Marine Sister’s Challenge

Two of my broskis have decided to dedicate themselves to the Armed Forces. One of them is already a Marine, while the other left for bootcamp today. It’s surreal. When you’re younger, watching them fall through ceilings (family story that…

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My O-Face

C’mon ya’ll – let’s talk about the “O-Face.” I’m talking about the little mouth “o” I get when finishing the last few feet on a five-mile run; the crumbles of a decadent three-layer chocolate cake on my lips; biting into…

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The Great Big Move

We are MOVING! Why? Because graduate school is not cheap, ya’ll! Being fiscally responsible means suffering a bit while you save for something greater. Thus, we shall move into a smaller apartment and try to get the most bang for…

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