The past two months have been incredibly difficult. Graduate school, teaching high school, relationship issues, and not working out.
What? No wonder your life feels like it’s falling apart, girl!

So here I am, eating a cupcake – writing to you about fitness. Why?
Because every now and then, I need a damn cupcake. With a glass of wine. That’s just the honest truth.
It’s not an every day practice, though. I promise. I might want to drown my bad days in chocolate covered loveliness, but my hips get really pissed when I think about that for too long. I need to get fit, and as far as way from “obese” on the BMI scale. [Alright, BMI isn’t the best scientific method to gauge fitness, but 30% body fat is most definitely not a good thing.] Unfortunately, I can’t give up cupcakes. Thank the fitness gods that Jillian Michaels doesn’t live close enough to kick my ass and throw out every baking good in my pantry.

Since the beau fractured his foot while rock climbing, we hadn’t been doing much of anything active. My nose was stuck in grad school books and assignments; with no one to really push me – I fell out of the workout habit.

This week, I read the words in the picture above. Isn’t Frederique Murphy wonderful?
Why wait for tomorrow? Why wait on much, really? There are so few moments in life and not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Why waste a second doing something that isn’t good for you, making you unhappy, or barring you from being your best self?

These words rung so true to me, that I started the Marine Monday challenge, set up a mostly-clean (again, need cupcakes) eating menu for the next couple of weeks and started running. Frederique’s words have inspired a revitalized outlook on all aspects of my life. There’s no real reason, other than laziness, to explain why I decided to stop working out. But I am getting back into it, because diet fads and “quick-fit” schemes just don’t work for the long-haul.

This week, I’m working on finals and trying not to die [ok, I probably won’t die – but finals really do suck]. I’ve cooked half a week’s worth of meals, so the beau won’t starve and I will have no excuse to order in take-out [because I totally do this during finals week and should stop]. It can be unhealthy – especially when I order goodies from Thai Thai three times a week. Delicious, but not a great caloric choice.

This week will be the second in my Marine Fitness challenge. While the broski is away at bootcamp, I’m trying to get into rockin’ great shape. I’ve got 12 weeks to go. It’s going to be great! I’m adding this to my workout routine this week:


Let’s see if this really does “work like a charm.”

I’ll be sure to let you all know how well this Pinterest idea works. I’m sure the lactic acid build up will be a terrible idea during finals week, but I figure if my brain is suffering, then my muscles should join the pain movement too.
Stop by tomorrow for the Marine Monday challenge. It’s going rock those hips of yours!

ImageBust your butt and get moving!

Much love,