Veggie Swtch-Up

We all tire of veggies being eaten in the same form or fashion. Salads here and there, mixed veggies, sauteed carrots or the stand-alone smashed potatoes – we are all guilty of falling into a same-old-same-vegetable rut.

My new favorite vegetable is the spear-headed, and totally regal-looking, Asparagus.
Sear a few stalks in a pat of butter, sprinkle with salt, pepper, and garlic…Voila! You’ve got some bonafide crunch in your grilled cheese sandwich!

The beau & I tossed together some shredded Monterrey-jack cheese, prosciutto, Sara Lee roasted turkey breast, and Emil’s buffalo chicken breast. The combination was wonderful! Next time, we will use a mozzarella or brie. The sandwich was delicious!

Tell me about your latest veggie up-dos!

Much love,