Ab-flab, muffin-top, potato chip blanket, walking loufa – there’s plenty of ways to refer to the excess weight that many of us carry on our hips. Which reminds me – let me show you my fat picture.
Feast your eyes on this monstrous moment in my recent life, as in, 2 weeks ago [in really awful lighting, late at night, and I didn’t even bother fixing my hair because we had about 3 minutes notice before we jetted to the airport to pick up the bestie]:


Bestie - added for scale. Isn't she freakin' adorable?

Bestie – added for scale. Isn’t she freakin’ adorable?

This is a hideous picture. So thrilled to spend one layover’s worth of time together and I am so wonderfully blessed to have this chica in my life. She’s amazing, and you can read all about her adventures HERE! Laura was only here for a quick minute, but we lurved every second. [I also loved that she didn’t comment on my lack of diminishing-derriere.]

This picture speaks volumes! It also fuels my Marine Mondays, keeping up with the little brother who’s out being awesome at Marine Bootcamp! Oorah!

This week, it’s all about the cooch-pooch and gut-pack. They gotta go! I’m still working on squats, and doing the running! I’m a few miles, behind [thank you, finals week] – so I’ve got some sweat left to give to the world. I’m working on it though!

Attacking the flab with a squat and ab challenge for the next 30 days! Check it out:

High five for the gut-buster and butt-boosting combo!

High five for the gut-buster and butt-boosting combo! Much love for the gals and gents at Tribe Sports!

Make sure to jog each day before you do these [I’m shooting for a mile, minimum]. If you can only handle this 3 times a week, that’s perfectly fine. Take things at your own pace, but get that butt moving, baby!
Why not just do the abs workout?It is imperative you do cardio before working on your abs. If you don’t, you will build up muscle underneath all those potato chip bags, pushing the flab out further and effectively making it more difficult to build up the sexy-toned look you’re going for. Don’t cover them up, rock the cardio and bust the ab-flab!

How are you kicking your own derriere? What’s your progress look like? Share your weight-loss love and send your progress pics! Keep being awesome and rocking your bod.


Much love,


Missing you bundles, Laurita. Come visit again, soon!