It’s crunch time. Literally. I’m stressing and dealing with some major sweat stains. I wish I could say they’re from working out, but that would be a straight lie.

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Finals week is here. No longer upon us, but knocking down the front door and taking us out. Us, as in all the lowly college students who work too much, stress too much and do everything other than too much homework. This semester I was high-strung, over-worked, ate too many calories and didn’t run damn near as much as I wanted to.
I spent more time in books and sitting at my kitchen table, pouring through calculus problems and crying about lesson plans.

It all boils down to this week.

I’m sitting in the Math building on campus, downing Snapple and Gardetto’s, trying to cram every last bit of Stoke’s theorem that can fit into these neurons. All I want to do is stop – and bake cookies, double-check my taxes, or maybe even sit in on my next dental check-up. Anything but study for this cal 3 exam.

Green's Theorem? Next please.

Green’s Theorem? Next please.

At least this is the last one.
I can relax in just a few minutes. It’s only 120 minutes to freedom; for another two weeks – then, we’re back in the grad school saddle again.

I sincerely hope your finals week [or other life challenge] is going better for you.
IF not, then dance it out.

Everything is better with a little dancing…and a slice of chocolate cake.


Gotta love the Seinfeld gang

Much love,