There’s no running today. Nothing to do outside with the pupper and beau. None of that is happening today. We are under climatic attack in the metroplex. The rain has fallen since 4pm and the pavement looks glossy, slick, and dangerous. The lightning is beautifully terrifying. It’d be wonderful to go outside and run, clear my head, but – I prefer not being a lightning rod. Fried cerebellum? No thanks. I need mine to keep balance! [ba-dum-cha! Get it?]

Seriously. You peeps are crazy! Get inside & stay safe!

Seriously. You peeps are crazy! Get inside & stay safe!

Instead, we’ll do some HIIT this week, with our climbing! After today’s almost-4-mile trek through The Perot museum with our students, the thought of another workout makes me want to cry. thankfully, this workout is short. Not merciful, but it gets the job done quicker. Note to you – HIIT is not recommended for everyone. If you need to take a break, DO IT. If you need to modify a move, do that too! Push the limits, but don’t break yourself!

This week, we are focusing on ABS! Yes, again. Why? Because you and I are doing tons of cardio, meaning we can keep working on slimming down our midsection. Woot!

I’ll be doing this circuit 4 times [maybe three, if I feel like I’m dying]. Be sure to bust out a Oorah!” [or a good grunt] now and then; feel strong and get those feels out!

Soon we'll have shhhexi abs! Rawr!

Soon we’ll have shhhexi abs! Rawr!

Have an awesome week!

Much love,