Marine Monday

…on Tuesday!


Ok – so I’m not nearly as regimented as my Marine brothers, but I sure as heck am trying!

This week, we’re working on those chicken wing arms! Some people call them bat wings, but I think that’s terribly offensive to those little fuzzballs. Besides, you and I can’t actually fly with these fatty appendages tied to us.

I stumbled across this workout on Pinterest. Check out my fitness board! Together, we can help bottle that sexy!


I love this! All you need is a balance ball (about $12 at Target), a set of free weights that challenge you but don’t break you (I like 3 lbs. for upwards of 20 reps) and a chair. You can work out in your cushy living room and watch a show! [I find, I can work out to pretty much any movie.]

I’ll take pictures today and be sure to monitor my shrinking chicken wings. Between climbing, this nifty workout and running – the flab pack will flee in no time!


Much love,



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