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Marine Monday

…on Tuesday!   Ok – so I’m not nearly as regimented as my Marine brothers, but I sure as heck am trying! This week, we’re working on those chicken wing arms! Some people call them bat wings, but I think…

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My O-Face

C’mon ya’ll – let’s talk about the “O-Face.” I’m talking about the little mouth “o” I get when finishing the last few feet on a five-mile run; the crumbles of a decadent three-layer chocolate cake on my lips; biting into…

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Hey Sexy Laaaady!

Anyone else feeling sexy today? I know I am! I’ve got shorties, a hoodie and messy bun – but dagnabit…my butt looks GREAT! Today’s meals were light, fit and very anti-fluffy! I even got some inspiration! My newest foodie mission?…

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