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Marine Monday – Memorial Day

I spent all day wondering what today’s theme should be; what I wanted to write. I racked my mind all day, thinking mostly about my brothers and absent-mindedly buying their favorite snacks (Patch has a thing for cheese-dips and chips,…

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Marine Monday: Ab-Flab

Ab-flab, muffin-top, potato chip blanket, walking loufa – there’s plenty of ways to refer to the excess weight that many of us carry on our hips. Which reminds me – let me show you my fat picture. Feast your eyes…

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Oorah, Boys! – A Marine Sister’s Challenge

Two of my broskis have decided to dedicate themselves to the Armed Forces. One of them is already a Marine, while the other left for bootcamp today. It’s surreal. When you’re younger, watching them fall through ceilings (family story that…

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