I spent all day wondering what today’s theme should be; what I wanted to write. I racked my mind all day, thinking mostly about my brothers and absent-mindedly buying their favorite snacks (Patch has a thing for cheese-dips and chips, while David has an almost unhealthy addiction to Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream) at Central Market. All day, these goofballs were running through my thoughts, so much so I distracted myself with memories and laughing at the last time I sat at a table with them.

David was terrified that I might send his drill instructor hilariously inappropriate gifts over the course of his boot camp stay. Patrick successfully pinned me in my living room, his payback for the plethora of times I sat on his head while growing up. As my two youngest brothers, they put up with the teasing and sisterly-torture. They still do. -.o

All our shenanigans aside, it’s difficult to see them in their current roles. Though immensely proud, I find it unsettling they’d willingly give their lives to save another. Patrick will likely be deployed, allowing another Marine much-needed time state-side.


I’m not sure how many Americans can fathom the notion of having a loved one in such a terrible situation. I certainly did not understand that feeling, until now.
My appreciation of our service men and women has dramatically increased since my brothers joined the Armed Forces.
Memorial day stands for so much more, now.
It shouldn’t, but it does. I knew of the sacrifices made and those that will come; knowing and feeling are two different animals. I pray every day for the safe-keeping of all those who protect us. Their courage, love of country, and love of us, keep us safe.
Today was a somber day in our home; a moment in history to be thankful for everything we have and those who allow us these comforts and freedoms.

Thank you, boys. You grew up to be stronger than I ever could have dreamed [especially with those noodle-arms you used to have]. I am the proud sister of two amazing Marines. For you, and all your brothers and sisters, I am so incredibly thankful.