Two of my broskis have decided to dedicate themselves to the Armed Forces. One of them is already a Marine, while the other left for bootcamp today.
It’s surreal.


[40 degrees seems to be decent napping weather]

When you’re younger, watching them fall through ceilings (family story that nearly ruined a Christmas due to contractor bills), break bones, flirt (and fail) with girls, or even learn to make Ramen and consider it “cooking” – all these moments make it impossible for me to believe my brothers are strong, capable beings.

David & Paul @ The MJ Golf Classic

David & Paul @ The MJ Golf Classic

I look at them and see dorky little boys, trying to chase my friends and ask them to get married. They are the boys who would sneak into the slumber party tent and listen in on secrets, the ones who tagged along on my first date and made me turn eight shades of red when explaining just how long it took me to get ready…they were terrible, but I love them.
And they love you. Everything about keeping us safe, fighting for our country and defending good people – they stand for all the right reasons. I’m incredibly proud to be their sister.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting any Marine Sisters, but I have met plenty of moms. Many of them, including my own, seem to be right there with their sons and daughters at bootcamp. They don’t eat sweets, exercise every day, pray every moment they can and their hearts ache. For a sister (or sibling), it’s a different feeling.

I don’t feel like I’m missing something when they are gone. When Patrick was away, I wrote to him often and usually poked fun at him, you know – sister things. Now that Dave is headed out, I feel like I should do the same for him. He’s always given me more headaches, so it makes sense to pull his leg more. But I do want to do one thing different. I want to challenge myself to be better, while he’s doing the same.


Eevee & I have been couch potatoes lately – it’s time for change!


I’ve decided on a Marine Sister Challenge

I’m going to run 12 miles every week, for the next 13 weeks and will rock climb three times per week. I will post a weekly challenge, every Monday, and will spend my summer getting super fit. I’ve been lax lately, and really need to get back into the swing of things. Why not now?


Seriously, I wish I could be this happy after a workout!

There’s no reason to be a heavy-body. We all need a little bit of a push every now and then. Here’s me, pushing you.

Let’s do this together. Tell me about your newest challenge, weight loss goal, or fit-foodie mission. Get out there and be better!


Much love,