I searched the inter-webs for other inspirational lists, but didn’t connect with a lot out there. I guess no other nerdy teachers with a passion for science, chocolate and over sharing juicy life tidbits while getting body waxes felt the need to give me any sherpa-like guidance through my first quarter century.

No limp sushi-roll issue there. Instead, I’ll share my own limitless wisdom with you.

Here are the things I think all 20-somethings should do before turning 30, because you shouldn’t get to 25 and feel like you’re done with your twenties! Oh contraire, you’ve got so much left to experience, lovely ducky.

From my loudly opinionated mind for your eyes to feast on:

1. Save money.

Don't rack up those bills! Be smart about your splurging and even smarter with your savings!

Don’t rack up those bills! Be smart about your splurging and even smarter with your savings!

As much as you can, for as long as you can. No one really explains just how quickly your awesome day can steamroll over your sexy black dress, break a heel, blow a couple of tires and then get assaulted by a rogue rock on the freeway. All these things cost money to repair or replace, so keep in mind – being an adult with your money will help keep you afloat.

2. Fall in lust, love and even off the bed. [If you’re doing it right, there will be a minor injury here or there.]
Let’s face it, the younger YOLO-loving portion of our generation is known for making less-than-desirable choices, but when it comes to significant others – I tend to side with those who live a bit more freely than most. If you’re lucky enough to find your one, then stop looking for someone better. Be happy with the adventures you share.

3. Taste every foodie thing you find.

Seriously. Take a cue from Andrew Zimmern and eat some calf fries! Try everything. As an allergy-sufferer, I’m constantly worried about eating something that will make me bust out in hives, but who knows what you’d miss if you’re always scared?

4. Learn how to bake and cook for yourself.

Not enough youngins know how to fend for themselves. The beau tends to cook with everything but the kitchen sink. He has a method to his madness though. Everything he makes is yummy. Unfortunately, not all college cooks are so lucky. Many of my friends rely on ramen, frozen pizza or the prepared counter at Central Market. Learn how to make dishes you enjoy, it’ll be healthier for you and better for your wallet.

5. Care for something other than yourself.

We adopted Eevee just about a month ago. I’d been wanting a running buddy for the past few years and finally decided to make the commitment. She needed me as much as I needed her. The beau didn’t even realize what our household was missing until I brought her home. She’s perfect, in all her goofiness and we lurve her oodles!

6. Travel
Do it! Just go to the airport and pick a flight leaving soon. Or, for the Type-A adventurer, plan a trip and then go. Whichever way you choose to travel – make it memorable. Take pictures, find the cute guys giving (credible) Vespa tours, go shark diving, experience Taste of Chicago, taste violet ice cream, eat snails, squidge your toes in white sand. Just GO! [If you can go with your bestie, then DO!]

7. Host a family gathering at your rinky-dink apartment.

[and take bundles of dorky pictures]

[and take bundles of dorky pictures]

It will be stressful, borderline-psychotic and leave you in tears, but there is nothing like prepping, paying for and hosting an adult event to really feel like you’ve gotten a firm grip on your young adult life. Even if it is for one harried Thanksgiving feast.

8. Volunteer
Find a passion in helping others. There are organizations for everyone and so many wonderful causes who need your help. Get out there and share your heart with the world. You’ll spread love and be loved. Nothing is better.

9. Express yourself & live in every moment
So get out there and live!

Spent my 25th with awesome people, loved every moment!

Spent my 25th with awesome people, loved every moment!