We are MOVING!

Because graduate school is not cheap, ya’ll!

Help me, I'm poor.

Being fiscally responsible means suffering a bit while you save for something greater.
Thus, we shall move into a smaller apartment and try to get the most bang for our buck. In Dallas, that dollar doesn’t stretch nearly as much we hoped.
Thanks, reality slap!

Pros for the new digs:

Closer to Starbucks…yes – this matters.
Intramural-like Events (because, who doesn’t love to watch sweaty guys throw an ultimate frisbee around, right?)
Less space to clean, but not much less

Cons for this place:
The kitchen, the kitchen, the kitchen!
For the love of all that is gooey and delicious….why do we have to skimp on the kitchen?
Seeing it was pretty awful. My first thought was:


I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

This kitchen is, in all urban definition, ratchet. [My students would be so proud of this verbage]
It’s galley-style, teeny weeny and might be the very reason I lose tons of weight this year. [Maybe not a total con then…]

Or….I may bake extra for everyone just to prove I can make this work!


I’ll make this kitchen worthy, damn it!

Who else has a small kitchen?
Let’s make wonderful kitchen love together and churn out kick-ass dishes! Mmk?
Send me plenty of food-porny pics and I’ll be sure to post bundles here too!

Much love,