The best thing about today?



In my book, it’s:
Family & Coffee

Snow is just about the most precious thing, ever.
Soft, cold, beautiful.


Mine & Angel’s reactions when winter comes to Texas.

Growing up in deep south Texas, I rarely experienced snow. Instead of hitting the beaches with many of my friends on Spring Break – I flew to colder places to snow board and dance in the powder. Some might say it’s because I’m not always around crazy wintry areas that allows me to enjoy this cold miracle, but that’s not why I love snow.

Can you think of anything else so powerful, mysterious and gorgeous?

Beyoncé does not count. [love you, still]

Everything about snow makes the deep down warm & fuzzy parts of my heart just melt away into delicious ecstasy. Waking up to these flurries was amazing. Watching flakes tumble with a side of Mexican hot chocolate has been incredibly blissful.


I’ll be sure to test healthier versions. Until then, I recommend Abuelita hot chocolate by Nestle. Mmm, reminds me of my childhood! It’s scrumptious!
You can check out this recipe too. YUM!

Take a moment to enjoy the simplest thing today. A sexy afternoon text to (or from) your sexy-half; perhaps a lazy lunch at your fave pop-stand; a smile from your barista; make a memory! Even if it isn’t snowing where you are, let the little joy of sheer wonderfulness fill your soul. Be happy!
The first step to getting fit is being happy with yourself. Engulf yourself in happiness. Trust me. Working out, running or even dancing around in your funderwear (totally just made this up)…it will all be glorious – so long as you’re happy.


Frozen Fractals Are The Best Spring Break Buddies!

Snow makes me happy. More than you could ever imagine. This brilliant gift from precipitation marrying frosty temperatures is one small thing I am grateful for today.

What makes you happy?

Much love,