Valentine’s Day makes people do weird things (or insanely hurtful ones).
So I’m told.


A girl can dream, right?

I think this is a feeble excuse for jerks, arses, cheaters, players (…I could go on, but why give them more airtime?) to break hearts all over the darn place.
I do not discriminate here. There are plenty of horrid people out there, men & women alike. Unfortunately, I know one of these dastardly persons and am so disappointed in their actions this lovely weekend.

Why waste time on someone who treats you badly?

Why waste time on someone who treats you badly?


Love is cruel. Sometimes it just pounds us to a pulp and spits us out.
Then we find someone we think we love and put our heart through the cheese grater all over again. It’s a psychotic process, really.
But, we all seek out love. I wish it could be wonderful and beautiful for everyone. But what can I say?

Who wouldn't love a guy with a library like his?

Who wouldn’t love a guy with a library like his?


Perfectly cute.

Disney ruined us all.

I truly hope your weekend was full of yummy dishes and tons of kisses, but if your V-day weekend got squished by a less-than-lovely character, ditch ’em!
Move on to happier things and spend some time on yourself.¬†Instead of wallowing in the crux of heartache, toast some champagne and delve into those leftover chocolate boxes (now 50% off, and still scrumptious…maybe even better at a discount)!


Of course it does.


As for me, tonight I’m baking an apple pie and putting in some much-needed kitchen time. I’ll be sure to post the delicious recipe soon!

Much love,