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Joining Clubs in Law School

  Law school is three years of your life. Time will both speed by you and also draaaaaag on (especially when you’re in that 2pm CivPro class, and the tryptophan from your turkey sandwich hits you). The funny thing about…

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Prepping for Your 1L Year

  Right now it doesn’t feel real. It hasn’t sunk in that in just about a month, you will begin your first year as a law student. By now you’ve received your information on orientation or Fundamentals week, and you likely…

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Law School Madness

Learning to find your balance is a struggle, made only more difficult by attempting to reach your happy place, while putting your mind through grueling law school courses. You may find yourself asking “how does everyone make it look so…

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Such a Pretty Fat: 1L Version

I’m channeling Jen Lancaster here. Because I’m such a fan…and I think she gets me. Fo’ real. Weighing in at 174ish and trying to be healthier is tough. The things I like to eat are actually pretty healthy, like broccoli and pasta…

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7 Tips: Prepping for Finals in Law School

Law School finals are beastly. The preparation that goes into studying goes far beyond the scope any student experiences during undergraduate years. Side note: I walked into senior year finals at Baylor in pajamas. [No, really – I did. You try…

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