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The Ugly Truth About Bar Prep

Preparing for the Bar exam is unbelievably lonely. I’m not sure what I expected this to feel like, but whatever those preconceived notions may have been were shattered after a few weeks into seriously prepping for this exam. Admittedly, I…

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Paying Rent

  Solving problems with a creative edge happens to be my forte. Blame my flair and off-the-cuff tendencies on Destination Imagination. I am a [really] proud alum, and honestly use the skills I learned with DI every single day. Enter…

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March Checklist: What You Should be Doing to be Successful

You have less than 2 months of classes left. I only have 6 weeks of class left. Did you hear me? Less than 2 months. That’s it. This is Defcon 2, y’all. [Fast Pace] You are either thrilled, or practically in a…

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Fierce & Fabulous!

Our Law School awarded us Spring Break last week, after a series of midterms. We were in bad need of some time off. My brain needed the break. I was dreaming about studying and forgetting (in the dream) to bring my…

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7 Tips: Prepping for Finals in Law School

Law School finals are beastly. The preparation that goes into studying goes far beyond the scope any student experiences during undergraduate years. Side note: I walked into senior year finals at Baylor in pajamas. [No, really – I did. You try…

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