Solving problems with a creative edge happens to be my forte. Blame my flair and off-the-cuff tendencies on Destination Imagination. I am a [really] proud alum, and honestly use the skills I learned with DI every single day.

Enter the problem: making money while attending college. It’s harder than it sounds, because so many positions try to pay students in “experience.” Since free advice doesn’t pay the rent, I do my best to avoid working for free. That said, I decided to get creative and looked into job opportunities that were just a bit outside the norm.

Law school teaches you how to think like a lawyerThe funny thing is that lawyers need to be creatively diverse thinkers capable of drafting ideas faster than I can suck down my morning macchiato. I truly enjoy law school. My first year was great [but the grades could have been better]. I’m two weeks into 2L, and was realizing how much happier I feel. Classes are going well, and my assignments have been completed days before they’re due. I took a moment to ponder why I felt so wonderful...and then it hit me.


My financial situation doesn’t feel quite so soul-crushing as it was last year. If you’re reading this, then the likelihood is you understand the complications of paying your way through an education. There’s really only 3 options — scholarships + savings, loans, or your family pays your bills. I don’t know many students in the last group; honestly – I only know 3 people who made it through their undergraduate degrees debt-free (lucky ducks!). I am not in the debt-free category. In fact, by the time I’m done with law school, I’ll be the proud owner of 3 degrees’ worth of education loans. [Woo! Right?!]

I try not to think too much about how I’ve practically signed away my first-born to make it through school. Instead, I stay productive. Through my 10 years of higher-education, I maintained a steady stream of jobs. At one point in my undergrad years, I held 4 consecutive positions and worked about 60 hours per week – all while taking a 16 hour course load!


I am considerably more relaxed now though, because I gained valuable experiences over the years. Was it easy? Hell no. But, it’s certainly been a great ride. Plus, I get to say I know how to [insert random job here].

If you’re looking to make some decent money, while working through flexible hours, consider these options. I have personally worked every single one of these positions over the years – currently working at 3 of these – and my resume is chock-full of great experiences. Trust me when I say – hard work pays off!


  1. Respite Care Provider
    • Respite care networks offer opportunities to work with special needs clients and their families. One of my absolute favorite jobs was working for a family who wanted me to take their son to a movie and the park, on a weekly basis. $15/hr. to hang out with a great kid, watch Disney or Dreamworks movies, and have my lunch paid for was EPIC.
  2.  Pharmacy Technician
    • As a Biology major considering the Med-School route, I felt this was a great option for me. Getting the license was not difficult, and it is required to earn the higher pay. This position paid well, $13/hr, and I learned to hone my communication skills! Check out the licensure requirements in Texas!
  3. Tutor (or Teacher)
    • I taught High School students for 3 years – and I loved it! Before teaching, I tutored through most of my undergraduate years. At $35/hr, this was by far the most lucrative position I held before earning my Bachelor’s degree. Working with a private tutoring agency is key! The agency will vet your clients, and that keeps you safe when tutoring in people’s homes.
  4. Dog Walker
    • Working for Wag! has been fun, and earns me an average of $30/hr. I have the opportunity to opt-in for walks between classes, or when I take study breaks. There’s no requirement to meet a set number of walks per week, which is great! This makes for some good pocket monies. #SideHustle
  5. Personal Chef
    • There are many people who need meal prep services! Take advantage of your cooking skills and put them to use! I currently work for a family that enjoy my own culinary creations. Since I stress-bake, this is such a great position! Depending on your expertise, you could potentially earn $50/hr!
  6. Law Clerk or Intern
    • There are plenty of law firms interested in hiring law students to help with their case load. Reach out to local attorneys, or check with your career services team. Many positions pay around $15/hr, and are willing to work around your class schedule!
  7. Blogger
    • There are some fantastic bloggers out there who manage to pay the bills while working remotely. Awesome, right?! One of my faves happens to be Taralynn. She blogs about her travels, fitness experiences, and foodie finds! Maybe you can start your own blog and live off ad monies…I’m just throwing out ideas here.
  8. Library Assistant (Work Study Position)
    • On top of making $12/hr, I get to study while working in a library! This position is one of my faves. Work-study positions are (in my opinion) some of the best jobs on campus! Meet people + study + get paid


Some questions for you:
1. What was one unique job you had in college?
2. Are you planning on working while attending law school?

Work Some. Study More. Do Great Things! <3