Three semesters down, baby! It feels soooo good.
I know it sounds crazy, but I really look forward to coming back to class. Law school is one of my happiest places. I’ve spoken to you about how hard classes are, and explained that my social life is nil, and joke about staying under the warm covers, eating bon-bons, and reading novels over the break, but the truth is – I missed my friends, as well as the material. I plopped myself down next to Matt for our Business Associations class and we basically looked like this (while silently praying for Oprah to help us through Dean Valencia’s class) —



love meeting back up over long breaks, catching up with my classmates, discussing new policy changes or proposed legislation, and generally geeking out about law-related things. In all honesty, no one but your classmates, or other attorneys, understand the intensity of law school. Sure, your family and friends (those who haven’t dropped you like the Hot Potato Doctrine – yes, I went there) witness your effort, but no one really knows what you’re going through like your law school peeps do. This adds to the further appreciation of enjoying their time, as well as the fact that they don’t think your love of criminal law or probate matters is weird.


I was extra-thrilled to see the 1Ls (that I had the absolute pleasure of being a TA for) return! I remember the attrition after our first semester, and the gaping void it created. Seeing them make it through finals, and return to classes with a reinvigorated spirit was a great additive to my already bouncy mood. My day got even better as it went on.

Today’s classes were fantastic! I laughed way more than I thought I could, and continue to find it funny that I compare what law school actually is like, to what I expected law school to be. It’s not as incredibly difficult as most say it will be, nor is it middle of the road easy. I think what helps me most is how comfortable I feel with our faculty and staff. They’re all approachable realists, with their own quirky tendencies and habits. Some professors get snarkier (in the best way possible) after they get to know students. Frankly, I love some good snark. Not everything is coming up roses, and the world is going to pot most days; snark helps fuel a balance, and keeps me on my toes. I try to think of our professors as partners in a law firm: don’t give them crap products, and they won’t treat you like an incompetent nincompoop. Simple as pie, right?


As a 2L, I can say I feel truly blessed to experience the law and this amazing school climate. Sure, we’re competitive, but everyone is also trying to motivate each other and grow our collective network. We’re all pretty damn great, and the best way to keep up that kick-ass feeling is to work hard each semester.

Get out there; be awesome.
Do the prep work, finish the reading, take amazing notes, and participate in class.
You’ve got this!