13 Things You Thinkof During Day 1 ofLaw SchoolOrientation week (or, Fundamentals Week on our campus) is nearly over. If you were lucky, orientation lasted one day. However, many law schools cram 6 days of information into 2 days of real-time. Our campus demands a whopping 40 hours! It’s grueling, especially coming off of a relaxed summer. If you’re feeling utterly spent, don’t fret – you’re NOT alone!

The first day of class is just a few days away. I’m sure you have a list of tasks to get done, and a pile of reading to start, but I wanted to give you a bit of a brain break. Consider this a “heads up” for your DAY 1. 

Pro-Tip: Confidence goes a long way.



These are some thoughts I had on my first day. [Since I journal & doodle – I’d actually written a few of them down, and scrounged them up just for you, my lovely readers!]

  1. Oh, my god. How much time do I have to get to class? Because, I need a good seat. Which means I need to be on campus at least 30 minutes in advance.
  2. Geeeeez, chill! It’s 7am. Of course, there’s time for coffee.
  3. What does this outfit say about me? I look so lame compared to her
  4. How much of this shared space can my colored pens take up?
  5. Is intentionally forgetting to bring lunch a bad thing? I kind of want to mingle.
  6. Umm….yeah, sure. Go ahead. The seat’s not taken.
  7. I wonder if she studies like I do?
  8. After being the first cold-call in the first class of my law school career [Torts] –> Holy SHIT! Did the Professor just call my name? Dear sweet nuggets of knowledge, don’t fail me now!
  9. Just. do. it! Ask the new friends to lunch.
  10. Is it ok to drink before our next class?
  11. ::after lunching with new law school babes::
    Thank goodness! They feel the same way I do. Scared. Nervous. Freaked out. Totally pumped!
  12. ::after two classes::
    This wasn’t so bad. I’ve got this! #VoteForElle
  13. Wait. How much do I need to read?

To be completely fair…my mind is a hectic place. I’d venture to imagine that yours is similar. It takes a special brand of unique to keep up with law school stresses. Just know that everyone is nervous, but sizing you up as well. It’s perfectly normal to feel intimidated, or thrilled. Everyone is different. No big deal. All you need to do is start off on the right foot – get your reading done, don’t miss [too much] class, make a few great friends, and review your notes!

Enjoy your first day!