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Whistle Britches

A friend of mine sent me this text a few weeks ago: Dude. Dude. Duuuuuude. I was willing to die for that meal. If there had been a 3rd biscuit, I would have eaten it and it would have killed…

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Splurging Is Good for the Soul

The beau’s brother introduced me to SOYLENT 2.0. We ordered 12 bottles of┬áNectar flavor. It tastes like fruity pebbles milk, or a melted strawberry milk shake. I didn’t think it was all bad, but it certainly is a different taste….

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PhDs – A Bishop Arts Brunch

  Let me start by saying this place has $2 MIMOSAS!!!!! Holy crepes, right? PhDs is a quaint little pub in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas. 1300 West Davis Street, Dallas, TX 75208 There are some amazing eateries around…

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Daily Dose

Icepocalypse…? Not So much.

The icemageddon hit Dallas on Thursday night. Sufficed to say, we had a four day weekend. Well…I did. The beau had to work Monday because the roads were better. Our school district (and every other one within a 30 mile…

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