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Icepocalypse…? Not So much.

The icemageddon hit Dallas on Thursday night. Sufficed to say, we had a four day weekend. Well…I did. The beau had to work Monday because the roads were better. Our school district (and every other one within a 30 mile radius) opted to stay toasty and at home on Monday. Brilliant! I should have graded papers. Meh.Maybe I should have worked on my final exam for next week…erm, no. What…

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Holiday Brunching

I got to ring in my favorite month with none other than my Mama Bear! We’ve had a long-standing Sunday Brunch date for the past few years just to catch up on weekly adventures and so I could vent about whatever wickedness my professors were throwing my way. -.o We do our best to keep the date, but sometimes things get in the way. This holiday season, I am thankful…

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