Let me start by saying this place has $2 MIMOSAS!!!!!

Holy crepes, right?

PhDs is a quaint little pub in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas.
1300 West Davis Street, Dallas, TX 75208

There are some amazing eateries around here, and I think I found a new fave! The service was pretty great, except when they brought our check. We waited on it for about 20 minutes. No big deal, since we were hanging out with friends.
This little dive brings out menus on clip boards, has friendly servers and, some dorky arcade games. What more could you ask for?

Angel ordered the chilaquiles, which he LURVED. He actually didn’t even share, come to think of it. Rude.
I ordered the BLTAE. Just feast your lovely ojos on the sandwich pictured above. Paired with the super-garlicky (and extra yummy) skillet potatoes – this meal was spot-on!

PhDs was super tasty. Go check it out!

Much love,


PhDs – A Bishop Arts Brunch

4 thoughts on “PhDs – A Bishop Arts Brunch

  1. I have been there for 1/2 burger night which is crazy because the burgers are HUGE! I had the 7th street burger yummy!! I have also had the blackened chicken salad which was delish and the BLTAE for brunch!!

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