A friend of mine sent me this text a few weeks ago:

Dude. Dude. Duuuuuude.

I was willing to die for that meal. If there had been a 3rd biscuit, I would have eaten it and it would have killed me and I would have died happy.


Now, I should tell you – my friends know how much I lurrrrveeee brunch. They rarely send foodie finds unless they’re 100% confident that I will agree with their deductive reasoning.

When the Beau and I showed up at Whistle Britches on Sunday, I had zero expectations and an empty belly. Obviously, the first thing we did was order drinks and a round of biscuits – because, who the hell says ‘NO’ to that?! Enter: le biscuits.


That whipped butter is soft and creamy, it’s best friend happens to be the seasonal strawberry vanilla jam. Shut the french door. Y’all! These biscuits are the best damn recipe I’ve ever had the pleasure to gorge myself on. Seriously. Crumbly perfection, with just the right amount of fluff.

food (1)

If I’d stopped at the [heavy-handed] rum punch and these biscuits, bliss would easily have been met. Sadly, this cute little pop stand peaked with the biscuits.

Sure, their Bloody Mary has a full chicken wing in it, and it is quite tasty, but the booze just wasn’t up to the brunch this time around. We ordered the pancakes, which were flat and carried way too much syrup (probably enhancing the wilted presentation), the Mother Clucker, and the B.E.E.C., which takes a crumbly biscuit and adds toppings. It was a mess. A tasty mess, for certain, but not something I was thrilled paying $11 for, especially since the side was a handful of kettle-cooked chips.

I will confirm that the spices and breading on their fried chicken is delicious. The wing on Beau’s Bloody Mary was tender, fried just long enough to have a bit of crunch. It was 11 a.m. though, we hadn’t checked the menu before we decided to venture north, and I honestly was not prepared for so many chicken options at brunch. At the time, I simply did not want another round chicken & waffles.

Hindsight is 20/20, right? I should have ordered the chicken & waffles! After oogling several other orders leave the kitchen, I think it’s safe to say what I’ll order next time.



I feel Shelly may have experienced either a far superior dish – or I failed to order properly. Normally I would have tried the Benny, but (after the biscuit) I didn’t think I could eat anything on my own. We shared three dishes among 4 brunch guests, and still didn’t clear the plates!

The servings were large, very filling, and tasty. Overall, I’d give WB a 7/10 for brunch. Their service was superb, the drinks delicious, and the biscuits push them up from a 6. My main complaint is their lack of other brunch options. Yeah, yeah – I get they ‘do chicken’ but a few other options would be extra-great!

This cute Plano restaurant has an open patio and they’re pet-friendly! Next time we hope to try their dinner menu and plan to bring our puppers along for a fun evening.

I hope your week is off to an amazing start!