You all know how much I love to meal prep. It’s a specific type of relaxing chaos that I genuinely enjoy. I like shopping for groceries, having conversations with the fantastic Butchers at Central Market, and discussing meal options with various Foodies. The funny thing is that, for as much as I love meal prepping, I sometimes forget to plan…and then everything goes to hell.

The week before my birthday was one such week.
Multiple law school deadlines. Several personal commitments. A few networking events. It was the perfect storm.

I had zero motivation to meal prep, which means Beau’s food cravings run rampant and we basically eat out for nearly every meal. I can’t complain though since I didn’t have to cook, or wash dishes. #GeniusIdea

Our bestie, TJ, suggested we try Imperial Cuisine.


There were only five of us at the table…I’m honestly impressed we weren’t comatose before leaving the restaurant. This food was superb! The chefs prepare a majority of the noodles (for most of their dishes) in-house.

Our order consisted of Chow Mein, Orange Chicken, Broccoli Beef, Hunan Beef, Steamed Dumplings, Pan-Fried Dumplings, and Wonton Soup (because it’s my favorite!).

I have zero complaints. 

The service was excellent. Food was ordered and delivered in under 15 minutes. The entrees arrived piping hot, and the servings were gluttonous. We had plenty of leftovers, which was perfect for studying and staying in.


My tummy was so full and happy after this visit. I highly recommend you stop in and order a ridiculous amount of wonderful food. This place is top-notch!

As we were already out and about, so I convinced the Beau to make a Boba run with me. For those of you that haven’t tried ShareTea – you need to get on it! Their peak hours are hectic but the service is fast and the wait is worth it! My current favorite is the Oreo Slush with Mini Pearls (lite).