I was informed that Pimento Cheese is a Texas tradition.
As a life-long Texan, this was news to me.

A friend of mine wanted to meet for lunch at CBD Provisions, because she loves their food. I was thrilled to be close enough to snatch some coffee from Weekend. #Sold

I reserved a table for 12pm, via OpenTable and met a few friends there for lunch. Overall, I’m not as big a fan of CBD as my bestie is. I will admit their tomato soup is tasty – but it doesn’t hold a candle to Breadwinners’ recipe.

I did try the pimento cheese toast. I’m not quite sure why “toast + spread” has such a strong presence in Dallas restaurants, but I think it’s stupid. Paying $10 for 3 pieces of toast and 2 tablespoons of topping is ludicrous. The greens on the toast at CBD were wilted because of the excess dressing, and the toast was hard enough to knock a tooth out.


The Chef’s attempt at a shrimp cocktail was not horrible, but also not good. Sugar played a huge role in this appetizer, and it shouldn’t have been present at all. The beau liked this dish, but I think the chips allowed it to be edible. So far, I was not impressed. I held out hope until the main dishes came.


The carrot + avocado salad was surprisingly boring. The carrots were not prepared, aside from being tossed in dressing, and blanketed with cilantro. The chicken was perfectly grilled, but added nothing to the dish. In addition, the avocado mustard combination worked well – but I wish there’d been more than the dollop I received. Had I not ordered the chicken, I would have ended up with 3 large carrots + a spoonful of avocado crema. This dish was simply not memorable.

Melissa ordered the tomato bisque & pimento grilled cheese. She was absolutely in love with her lunch. The soup was creamy and flavorful, the sandwich was a bit too greasy (for my taste). The beau ordered the Steak Frites, and enjoyed his dish immensely. Since they didn’t mess up the steak, we may find ourselves back at CBD again, but I may wait until they’ve updated their menu. For a restaurant inside the Joule, I had high expectations. Sadly, those marks were not met.


What are your thoughts on overpriced toast, and salads that are just carrots + avocado?