So the Hubs and I have started training for the #Bearathon at Baylor. We started the Fit Girls Guide challenge and it’s been a really great few weeks, but it’s also been challenging fitness journey, too. I’d missed carbs and well…

I splurged on carbs this week – in a BIG way. Between Italian food, Greek, food, and chocolate cake – I did the damn thing. When one of my besties suggested we dine at Casa Verona before our Christmas light tour of Highland Park, I was a bit put off by the Greek/Italian fusion. Truth be told, I was quite skeptical that yet another Italian-inspired restaurant would be anything more than bland sauce and doughy pizza. I was not expecting much from this little spot over on Walnut Hill (9840 N Central Expy #300, Dallas, TX 75231) and was pleasantly surprised to have stumbled across an excellent bar and pizza worthy of a Roman piazza. Welp, hold onto your hats folks – because this tiny Dallas eatery packs quite the punch.

My last trip to Rome included the best Margherita pizza I’ve ever had. There’s something delectable about simple ingredients: fresh-made dough, mozzarella, garden-snipped basil, and fresh cracked pepper. Doesn’t that just sound phenomenal? I’m already drooling. So, imagine my surprise when we walked into this quaint spot behind Snooze, off of 75 in Dallas, and the smells knocked me back into that beautiful town with a Nonna making the dough by hand.

I love this spot. My only real complaint so far? The lack of social media. This place is tiny, probably does most of their business during lunch hour – c’mon Sam! Get yourself a webpage and display these gorgeous dishes! Need help? PLEASE message me. I’ll help!

The waitstaff was attentive, helpful, and had zero problems splitting the bill for us. The bartender also knew their way around a shaker. Plus, the apps were so tasty! I tend to avoid eggplant, but this dish was tasty! The Beau ordered a New Old Fashioned and I savored every sip of my amaretto sour. This girl was beyond happy. OMG. Casa Verona was such a great find. Their pasta carbonara was excellent; creamy, cooked to perfection – and they let me add broccoli! Seriously, happy soul right here. I would have added a picture of it, but @Ilizaschlesinger would have a conniption. #AMAZING

Their pizzas were ::puckered kiss:: spectacular! Truly. Perfect crust-to-toppings ratio, with a crunchy-meets-flaky crust and just the right amount of cheese. Also, they weren’t over-sauced. I mean, who wants runny pizza? This place does it right. I really can’t say just how wonderful this restaurant is – you just need to go. Thank me later.

Buon Appetito!