Rolling out of bed and getting the day started is not as fun when the Texas weather refuses to pick a season. This past week brought temperatures ranging from 28 degrees to 70 degrees. With classes in full swing, the motivating factor to get me up and at ’em is the withering stare I’d receive from my morning professors for interrupting their classes. [There’s really not a whole lot worse (class-wise) than ending up on a professor’s sh*t list.]


I’ve tried to think up creative ways to get me out the door faster, because having two doggos makes it quite difficult to leave home (and the snuggles) for Business Law. In an effort to be more focused (and work toward accomplishing these goals), I started meal-prepping both breakfast and lunch. It’s not as massive of an undertaking as you might expect. I figured I was spending about an hour and a half, each day, cooking and eating dinner. Most days, I was forgetting to eat breakfast or, in a more costly fashion, simply picking up a muffin with my morning Starbucks coffee run.

In case you’re keeping track, that’s $1.95 for a muffin + 4.45 for a caramel macchiato.
On mornings where I was running late, I spent an average of $7 each morning. Habitually late weeks meant an added $30 expense for the week, just for myself. Add in the Fiancee (who usually commutes with me), and that expense is now double. I’m not saying the occasional splurge is bad, instead, I’m suggesting a re-prioritization of expenses. Between the time-suck and the over-spending, I found myself frustrated…deliciously warm with my “christmas-in-a-cup,” but still, not entirely pleased.

Deciding I’d rather use my weekday evenings to relax a bit, or ::gasp:: read/prep MORE for class, it made the most sense to add a breakfast prep to my Sunday routine.

Enter: Overnight Oats!


Picture courtesy of J. Ezell, a fellow classmate with a love of Oats.

This recipe is super easy to follow, or even customize for other add-ins. I make a large batch on Sunday, and it usually carries us through to Thursday morning. This recipe makes about (10) 1.25cup servings. Both the Beau & I just grab one container each on our way out the door, and I tend to eat mine during class. My professor’s don’t seem to mind, and it actually helps keep me engaged in the lecture. How often do use snacks to keep you focused? 

What you’ll need:
16 oz. of oatmeal, steel cut is a good option. Just do NOT get instant!
5 cups of milk (I use 1%, but you could opt for your favorite almond or cashew milk)
2 teaspoons of vanilla
8 oz. of raisins (or another fruit option of your choice)
½ cup of white sugar, if you’d like sweeter oatmeal
Note: Use 2 smashed bananas instead of the sugar for a natural sugar substitute!
1.5 teaspoons of cinnamon
¼ cup of chia seeds


1.    Pour all ingredients into a large mixing bowl.
2.    Mix the all ingredients in a large bowl.
3.    Portion out 1 cup to 1.25 cup servings
4.    Place in refrigerator, leave overnight.
5.    Eat cold the next morning, or microwave for about 90 seconds.


I am currently in love with apple+cinnamon, blueberry+banana, and cinnamon+raisin overnight oats. These breakfast meals are ridiculously easy to prepare, and even more scrumptious to devour!

giphy (1)

Now you have more time to dance in your undies be a serious adult in the morning and get lawyering stuff done! You go, Glen Coco! 

How does your breakfast get you started?