Today kind of sucked. Mostly because the textbook market failed me. Supply/Demand curves, yo.

I needed a ConLaw book for a class, specifically – the 5th edition.
Since I don’t have a million dollars, I pay for my schooling (including books) with loans, and can’t purchase my texts with blood or tissue samples [my undergrad was secured by promising my first-born to the Baylor Line] – I am careful with my funds and purchasing.

Imagine my surprise when I paid for 3 versions of the same freaking textbook, because ALL THREE orders were cancelled. 


Thanks for nothing, Chegg.

Instead of getting my book 8 days before class, I am still waiting for it.
Class #1 was today.
I was supposed to have prepped almost 60 pages of reading, and I wasn’t anywhere near my level of preparedness.
Ain’t that a kick in the teeth?

Sure, I went to the library…but it just wasn’t enough.
I am terrible about taking notes outside of my textbook. I prefer to book-brief, because I can write the notes directly in the text, and will never be caught off guard by obscure (“where are you reading that?”) professor questions.


Want to know what’s worse than not having a textbook for a law class, and not having your amazing notes to rely on?

Getting pegged right out of the damn gates.

Welcome to First Amendment.
Miss Dill, tell us what’s going on in Reed v. Town of Gilbert?

Well damn. I can’t say ‘I’m unprepared.’
So I recited the facts. – Cool.
I stated the issue, not anywhere near eloquent.
Then, I stammered and failed to answer a question (which I highlighted!) ugh.

A classmate jumped in to save me…and pointed out the page she’s reading from, plus the exact paragraph. I know she probably meant to be helpful, but it didn’t feel too great.

loathe being unprepared. This situation, and others like it, are made significantly worse when you can’t B.S. your way through it.
And you know what? It’s pretty damn hard to B.S. a law professor.



At this point, I have 2 options:
1. Wallow
2. Put on my game face, get my book (yes, eCampus saved me) tomorrow, and prepare for my next class.

Learn from me, people! 

If you’ve had a minor setback, or even a super embarrassing class fail, do your best to dust yourself (and your ego) off. Keep moving forward. One crummy afternoon will not define your legal career.
Trust me.

Get out there and be awesome.